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You can program each. The WF-04 is built with a rugged aluminum housing with upgraded dosing heads for improved performance. For UK / Europe Customer will free upgrade send from UK Warehouse(No Tax) We Design a New Dosing Bracket only for Jebao Dosing Pump (Package). Jebao Wi-Fi dosing pump is a modern product which enables to add different kinds of nutrition liquids in a certain time and portion automatically. · From my experience with Jebao is that it is a reliable product with wavemaker just not familiar with their dosing pumps. The Jebaos DP-2 is an affordable dosing pump with 2 dosing heads. I&39;ve since converted it to a manual doser using an external timer. The DP-5 consists of 5 dosing pumps, and a display to set them up.

The Jebao DP-4 Dosing Pump is a dosing pump with 4 pump heads, and is ideal for dosing chemicals in an aquarium to maintain certain levels of Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, and a myriad of other aquarium supplements. Will update if my opinion changes. Submersible Return Pump. Initially, when programming it, I set it on manual by mistake. The pump heads are pretty flimsy and will drift slightly over their lifespan, you have to calibrate manually (by that I mean do the math and adjust your dose accordingly), and there are some quirks about them, but they are cheap, reliable, I&39;ve had no issues, and replacement parts are easy to find all these years later.

it stopped dosing following the programmed dose. · 🐟Peristaltic Liquid Pump Simple Operation: manual control interface, simple and easy to use, LCD display, easy to set up. Attached Thumbnails 75 Gal CornerFlow Bare Bottom Reef Tank, 29 Gal DIY Sump, 48 3W DIY LED Fixture(10CW, 10NW, 28RB), RO 150 Skimmer Mod, RW-15 WavePump; DIY ATO, Apex, Mainly LPS, Some Softy. Choose from our selection of dosing pumps, including over 120 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. How many heads does a jebao DP-4 have? More How To Manually Dose A Jebao Dosing Pump videos. Each unit comes with built in wifi, and works with a smartphone app right out of the box. Hang On Protein Skimmer.

In stock and ready to ship. DŌS :: DOSING AND FLUID METERING SYSTEM A multi-purpose dosing and fluid delivery system of uncompromising quality combined with the simplicity of Apex Fusion software wizards for operations such as: 2-Part Dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity) Other Additives Dosing Automatic Water Changes Micro-Quantity Dosing Delivery of Liquid Foods and Supplements SO,. I am using only 3 heads as I only dose KH, Ca and Mg with the pump. Hello MR, I bought Jebao Dosing pump sometime back and I was using this to dose Vinegar in my tank and I was using only 1 pump for this task, While doing water change I did not realize that vinegar tube that was in the sump got loose and same out and it was dripping on top of the dosing pump heads and all of them got jammed,. To calibrate you simply put the input hose in some water and let it pump continuously until it fills a container with exactly 100ml, once done you set the programs up to dose your chosen supplement (up to 24 times a day), choose the interval (0 for daily, 1 for every two days etc) and leave it to do it&39;s job.

The controller is advanced but easy to use! New Jebao WIFI and Manual both Support Dosing Pump DOSER 2. Shift“←”“→” to choose the hour, minute. Jebao Programmable Auto Dosing Pump DP-42. 5 cm x 15 cm x 6. So for example, i have mine set to spread the dose during my lighting period. 4 4 Channel Coral REEF MARINE NANO Doser Programmable Auto Dosing Pump Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! 5W Flow: 70x4 (L / H) Suction: 1.

We do suggest running the pump for 10 minutes and collecting the liquid from the output to know how much the pump will dose in a 10-minute time frame. ⑤Setting times dosing, interval days, dosing volume, dosing time. Cheap Water Pumps, Buy Quality Home & Garden Directly from China Suppliers:New Jebao WIFI Manual Dosing Pump DOSER 2. The Jebao Auto dosing pumps are suitable for minerals like calcium, magnesium, and salt. The Jebao auto dosing pump DP-4 has 4 heads that can be extended to 8 with an extra slave unit. Every dosing calculator out there uses volume. The operation is simple, ①set the time and date; ②Select Pump(1,2,3,4); ③Add liquid to the hose manually (discharge the air in the hose); ④Pn Correct Fluid(Flow calibration).

The DP-5 is an ideal solution to automatically dose small amounts of minerals or other important liquids to your aquarium. The DP-4 has a built in controller, which allows the user to set how much they want dosed with each pump head up to 30 times a. My understanding is that one of my pump head (pump 2) got struck in the on position even after off signal is issued, hence the pump run continuously until the next on/off cycle kick in for pump 2. 4 wireless doser, initial reaction, is I like it more then the older doser, feels better construction, I really like having individual control over each head if I choose to shut one off for few days. For example, if you only need to dose 15ml of calicum, recalibrate the channel for 100ml as only 15ml. Marine color Acrylic Made Liquid Storage. Jebao Dose Pumps. The Jebao Jecod DP-4 Auto Dosing Pump is the perfect solution for an easy-to-use and incredibly precise dosing of supplements into any reef tank.

Protein Skimmers. If you calibrate it to your desired dose as 100ml it will work flawlessly ever time. · Although my dosing pump is a cheap FS pump, I think the build is same as Jebao.

The major differences between them are the number of supplements you can dose and whether or not the pump can be programmed. 5 cm, and it can be installed conveniently. · Hello MR, I bought Jebao Dosing pump sometime back and I was using this to dose Vinegar in my tank and I was using only 1 pump for this task, While doing water change I did not realize that vinegar tube that was in the sump got loose and same out and it was dripping on top of the dosing pump heads and all of them got jammed,. Coral Box Dosing Containers. Timer not included **On average BRS 2-Part Dosing Pumps will output 1. All perform the same basic duty of adding fluid to your aquarium at a safe, slow rate. Soft Tube Fixture Holder for Dosing how to manually dose a jebao dosing pump Pump2.

The Jecod DP-5 is the biggest Dosing Pump unit of Jecod, which only comes in a master variant. Then set it to dispense 100ml. The Jebao DP-4 is a low-cost, four-head dosing pump. My opinion changed. Press“↑”“↓”to how to manually dose a jebao dosing pump plus or minus 。 Press“ ” to enter the next dosing volume setting. In Sump Protein Skimmer. See more results.

Nano Protein Skimmer. Unlike my GHL doser, the Jebao lacks cloud access. The Jebao DP-3 is an affordable dosing pump with 3 dosing heads. The doser will think it&39;s dosing 100ml, but really it&39;s only dosing 15ml. I can say that I am confident in my Jebao dosing pump and will happily run it until it fails, or I have the money to splurge on a nicer pump. Water Pump, user manuals, operating guides & specifications.

What is a jebao dosing pump? · This means if you want to dose 30ml of Trace throughout the day, you can divide it up between as many hours as you wish. Don’t expect features at this price point, but it does dose as configured. Works well enough for simple applications.

well at least it primed the pipes/pump and showed it how to manually dose a jebao dosing pump worked! . What is a dosing pump?

Pump Features: Wi-Fi +Manual Control Function Automatic dosing in high precision Mini Size, Elegant appearance Automatic/handle to control the dosing liquid. The Jebao DP-5 three-channel dosing how to manually dose a jebao dosing pump pump is an easy to use instrument for accurately dosing marine water supplements into your aquarium fish tank so that you will not need to mix any solutions by hand. 1mL per minute but may vary depending on your supply of power and what other equipment is being run off of the circuit. CoralBox WiFi Dosing PumpAquarium Dosing Pump Accessories1. Dosing Pumps: 6 Great Units Easy to Calibrate and Setup 1 Jebao DP-4 Programmable Auto Dosing Pump.

When I did a first test run in manual mode it was clear that one of the heads wasn’t spinning as it should so I took off the white cap, placed the tubes in the good position, put the cap back on and this seemed to have solved the. Aqua Medic Reef Doser EVO 4 Aquarium Water Pump4. I did a quick video on how to setup and connect to the new jebao 3. Each of the included pump heads can be programmed to operate up to 24 times a day at the required amount of solution that you set. 1 x Slave Dosing Pump 1 x Data lines 1 x User Manual Specifications: Brand: Jecod (Jebao) Model: DP-4S Material: Plastic+Silicone Color: Gray Applies to: Feeding coral Channel: 4 Channels Power: 7. DIFFERENCE between Jebao 2.

The pumps are louder than the Jebao but other than that it’s a much better dosing Pump. . The Coral Box WF-04 Dosing Pump is the perfect solution for any reef keeper looking for an accurate, easy to program dosing pump.

In this video- I&39;ll show you how to make your Jebao DP4 dosing pump a lot more functional. I am using only 3 heads as I only dose KH, Ca and Mg with the pump. STEP 1: Choose Your Pump. How does dosing calculator work?

Due to High Demand of Order of Dosing Pump, Shipping will based on 1 to 3 days delivery. Eshopps Dosing Master Pump5. Dosing tube lubricant that works for all types of dosing pump heads. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Circulation Pumps. 2 Aqua-Medic Reefdoser Evo 4.

4 4 Channel- Coral REEF MARINE NANO Doser. 5M Voltage: 12V Pn Times Dosing: Can be set to 1-24 times Pn Interval Days: Can be set to 0-30days Pn Dosing Volume. Coloured Dose Line. The unit is small – 23. The affordable pump has four channels with pump heads that can be programmed to operate up to 24 times a day, dispensing the required amount of any solution into your aquarium, keeping tank parameters. Dose Line Holder.

3 Eshopps Dosing Master Pump. The Aqua Media Reefdoser system uses four professional grade. View & download of more than 35 Jebao PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides.

CD-3-M Marine Color Dosing Pump3. The DŌS then sets up all the dosing intervals within that time period. There are a variety of dosing pumps available.

Dosing time:Set the pump work time as per request, let the pump work at fixed time. Table of Contents 7 Best Aquarium Dosing Pumps and Accessories You can Buy in 1. 1mL Dosing Pump BRS 50mL Dosing. By adding Dosing Tube Lubricant to your dosing pumps rollers and tubing you can greatly increase the lifespan of the tubing and entire pump. Each channel can be programmed to release from 1 ml to 9,999 ml of solution. Compatible with: Drew&39;s Doser BRS 1. 4 It&39;s for the Jebao New Series of the Wifi Dosing Pump. This makes it suitable for both small and large aquariums.

So, with the DŌS (and the Apex Fusion interface) you simply enter the amount you want of each part of the additives (one on each pump) and what hours of the day you want it delivered.

How to manually dose a jebao dosing pump

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